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Company Attigates Or Rules

hi guys

i would like to share with u some few things i experienced when i joined one of the MN-C’s of India.

As usually when u go to collage for the first day u will be expecting rough idea in the mind. and will be tensed of Wat wrong might happen.the same way i went to the Company. when  i met my Eng friends , made me quiet comfortable there.we had a induction program where the senior members tell us about the Company history,What the Company is really about…….

After listening to that i was indeed keen to figure it out when our company which has so good reputation in overseas the shares price value is less when compared to the other company and don’t not rise as other MNc’s do ……i searched in net, asked many friends no one had the answer to it .In fact they were Confused regarding it.

One day i was about the travel to my home place i met with a person who was experienced and was travelling with me to my same home town.we started our conversation with introduction and he was a software engineer in one of the renowned company.i asked him about the shares …..question.

He smiled and repleyed to me that Ur company is a product based company and the grains will be  only when the product is successfully launched .But Other company’s are Service Based company we get gains every years for providing service to the customer.Now i got the answer to my Doug-ht which was troubling me a lot.I asked him have u undergone some change in urself regarding speaking to others,Behavior,… that.when compared to Ur engineering life and Corporate life . He told me that After one month my friends told me so that i have changed .

Instead i say that the company attigates or so called rules have changed him,modified him, or given him a new Identity …..??????

This is the Question i really wanna know Ur opinions…..????

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my trip to New Delhi

dsc00913.JPGLet me tell about myself my name is avi…… just finished my Engineering in june 2007. As i had got campused to one of the company . but the joining date got postponed unfortunately to Octobar which was likely to be in July. So got 3 months to go….Me as usual went to the juniors flat and was spending time there….Sudenlly my close friend came there with a suprise his name was manish. . . .we both sat together and were discussing about to go to bangalore and search for some alternate job.Like that we went to bangalore by inter-city Express which comes from Hubli and goes to bangalore.There in Bangalore got confused where to go though we had address in our hand . Finally with much struggle we reached my friends flat which is near to HEBBAL. In bangalore we tried many way to get a job but there is a saying that ” What ever it happens is for Good “. i think its real cause……..we both got frustrated and took one of my freinds Bike and went to a hotel named  “RICHIE RICH ” which is near to magestic. There we met up with unusal things which made ourself feel inferior infront of others that night manish and i came back to flat and he decided to go back to Ahmedabad and to prepare for CAT entrance . He forced me to visit his place for once myself was getting bored here decided to go to ahmedabad. i told him that on the way we shall go to pune . In pune i had cousin who was studying his Engineering there. we booked a ticket to pune in KSRTC VOLVO which was used to leave bangalore at 7.00pm . we made ourself to be in the busstand in 6.55 pm but as usual the standard indian timings must be maintained so we waited for the bus upto 7.30pm finally the bus arrived .while going to pune we  will experinced a tunel which was like a tunnel only…… the next morning 11.00 am we reached pune .my cousin  was there to recieve us and we went to his house on that day . He took us to Adlabs there and many places nearby but my wish was to go to Kandala cause i had heard that name in the song of the movie “Ghulam” starting with amir khan and rani …..the next day we went to lonavala by local train from there we went to Kandala by a Cab.

dsc00913.JPG             dsc00929.JPG             dsc00893.JPG

Then i understood why amir khan had told ” Hati kya kandala”

 Still continued……………………………………

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The Secret Behind the life of a Man

God created the donkey and told him:

“you will work tireless from sun up to sun down, carrying
heavy bags on your back, you’ll eat grass, you will not
have intelligence and you live 50 years. You will be an
The donkey answered:

“I’ll be a donkey,but living 50 years is too much,give me only 20 years”

And God gave him 20 years.

God created the dog and told him:

“You will look after the men house, you will be his
best friend, you will eat whatever they give you and
you will live 25 years. You will be a DOG!”

The dog answered:

“God, living 25 years is too much, give only 10.”

God gave him 10 years.

God created the monkey and told him:

“You will jump from branch to branch,you will do
silly things, you will be amusing and you will live 20
The monkey answered:

“God, living 20 years is too much, give only 10 years ”

and God agreed.

Finally, God created man, and told him:

“You will be Man, the only rational being on this
earth, you will use your intelligence to control other
animals, you will dominate the world and will live for
20 years.”

The man answered:

“God, I’ll be man, but living 20
years is not enough, why don’t you give me the 30 years
that the donkey refused, the 20 years that the dog did
not want and the 10 years that the monkey refused.”

That was what God did, and since then, Man lives 20
years like a man, then he gets married and spends 30
years like a donkey, working and carrying the load on
his back, then when his children leave, spend 15 years
like a dog, looking after the house and eating whatever
is given to him, then he gets old, retires, and spend
10 years like a monkey, jumping from house to house or
from children to children, doing silly things to amuse
the grandchildren.

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The world of snakes

Longest Snake

For many years Guinness recognized the Green Anaconda (Eunectes murinus) as the longest living snake with a record length of 42.5 feet. This record was based an unconfirmed measurement. The snake was shot, measured, then regained consciousness and escaped. In the early 1990’s Guinness dropped this record and began to recognize the Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus) as the longest living snake with a record length 32′ 9″. The record snake was shoot near a mining camp on the north coast of Celebes, Indonesia in 1912. It was measuring by civil engineers using a surveying tape. There is only one other Guinness recognized case of a snake specimen exceeding 30 feet. A specimen of the African Rock Python (Python sabae) has been documented at 32’2″. This specimen was shoot near a school on the Ivory Coast of Africa in 1932. This animal doubled the average length of adult Rock Pythons. Fossil records have indicated Rock Pythons in Africa that were over 50′ long. This sub species is believed to be extinct, however, the 1932 specimen may well have been the last of the its kind or possibly a hybrid from the ancient monster and the Rock Pythons of today

Green Anaconda

The longest somewhat verified length is 42.5′, but larger specimens have been reported.

Retic Python

Record Length: 32’9″. Longest snake ever held in captivity was a 28.5′ Retic held at the Highland Park Zoo in PA.


Rock Python

Record Length: 32’2″. Possible specimens measuring 50′ or more may be still living in remote parts of Africa.